Urbit Groups

You finally got set up on Urbit and you don’t know where to go. Here is a list of public Urbit groups you want to be a part of. Of which you want to be a part. Napoleon Bonaparte.

Obviously, one can find these groups on Urbit but it seemed sensible to have a resource on the outside to show potential new users what’s to be found before they take the plunge. Groups can also be found on Urbit by going to the Urbit Index (~bollug-worlus/urbit-index) where there is a notebook for communities to advertise themselves. The Stack’s Urbit Groups page has a telos, and that telos is its own obsolescence. In the meantime…

The Urbit Community Page


For Czech speakers: Bohemians


For those who are interested in Literature and Language (primarily English canon)



I’m forming this group to do a few things.

Learn the habitations of words and souls of sentences (etymology, usage, grammar, structure &c).

Vaunt the heroes of the language.

Create a space where it is not only acceptable but expected that one write effortfully, like the epistolary or longform of old and not like Twitter or sms (it is fine to write briefly, but try to do it well).

Pleasure in the aural and oral elements of the language again.

For those trying to learn Hoon


–=[ smol computers ]=–


Learn how to run urbit on small, low-power computing devices.

Bloody Shovel


(Note, use the link above as the one in the photo is an old/broken link.)

Chat group for Spandrell’s Bloody Shovel blog hosted by Spandrell

Cryptocurrency Forum


Andy’s crypto chat; most popular and best and most powerful crypto and finance chat on Urbit. 6’3. Testosterone levels too high to measure accurately (crypto ladies welcome).

~minder-folden’s Sanctorium


Entryway to Jonathan Pritchard’s group. Go to antechamber to request access to the inner sanctum.



Discussion Boards:

  1. anime and manga
  2. random
  3. business and finance
  5. fitness and health
  6. technology
  7. weapons
  8. literature
  9. music discussion/sharing
  10. politically incorrect
  11. science and math
  12. television, movie, and video
  13. video games
  14. paranormal and conspiracy

Dalten Collective


Home of the Dalten Collective. Fellowship, Sustainability, Sovereignty.

Getting swole


The Best Podcast in the History of Time and the Twelve Dimensions


If you’re here, you probably know what this is.

Urbit Asia, for Urbit in Asia.


For talking about Bitcoin and Bitcoin integration with Urbit


Internet Weirdneess Task Force


The Internet ceaselessly leaks madness, and we stand ready to lick the discharge.

The group of Networked Subject maintained by ~sitful-hatred


The Networked Subject blog offers lots of how-to tips for setting up and maintaining Urbit.

The Portico


Theology and philosophy from an Orthodox Christian POV

Parenting on Mars


Parenting, kids with ASD, raising boys, raising girls, & homeschooling

Urbit Explorations


A community for people who want to dig into the Urbit sources and find out how things work and then share what they’ve learned

Planet Market presents: The Marketplace


Come trade Urbit stars in The Pit, Urbit’s first open-outcry market!

Brought to you by planet.market

Urbit Asia University


We’re building a place to learn about East and SE Asia on Urbit. With aspirations to eventually expand all offerings, we begin with expertise in Chinese and Japanese. ~mirtyl-wacdec will act as our headmaster, and all are welcome to join us learning languages and history and sharing culture and resources. 欢迎大家!

Weeb Central


Let your weeb side hang loose



An Urbit community for the study and discussion of philosophy.

The Forge (Urbit Dev Group)


The Furnace has been rebuilt and relit. Whether you can barely scratch out a tisfas or regularly etch intricate runes into clay, The Forge welcomes anyone with a chisel and a glint in his eye. Come build the future with us.

Governance Futurism


Hosted by Wolf Tivy (~bantev-disrup). Wolf runs Palladium Magazine, the flagship of the Governance Futurism movement and an exploration of the future of liberalism, governance, and society through responsible slow publishing, long-form analysis, political theory and investigative journalism.

Grupo Recreativo Lusofónico


A meeting point for Portuguese-speakers. If you don’t fit that description, but have portuguese needs and wishes, we feature a Visitors Lounge that caters to the international pilot.