Consider ‘stack’, the word, in some of its several attitudes. It evokes the computer as a data type in the abstract. It is the name of any hoard, no matter the dragon or his proclivities; dragons such as ourselves like gold as well as bitcoin. In the context of the library, it refers to those quiet upper rooms and the fields of books from floor to ceiling one wanders through alone in search of some serendipity or other.

The Stack, for us, is also an abstraction. Notionally, it is the threefold act of acquisition, of stewardship, and of deployment: of capital, in the largest sense. The idea of the stack draws every useful thing to itself and renders dim the border between use and beauty. We talk of beautiful and useful things, of the storehouse and of the gold within, and of how its nature is to mutate into more beautiful and useful things.

“This so weighty metal, when it becomes the associate of a fancy, assumes the most active virtues of the mind. It has her restless nature. Its essence is to vanish. It changes into all things, without being itself changed. It raises blocks of stone, pierces mountains, diverts rivers, opens the gates and fortresses and the most secret hearts; it enchains men; it dresses, it undresses women with an almost miraculous promptitude. It is truly the most abstract agent that exists, next to thought. But thought exchanges and envelops images only, whereas gold incites and promotes the transmutations of all real things into one another; itself remaining incorruptible, and passing untainted through all hands.”

-Paul Valéry, Eupalinos ou l’Architecte (1923)

The Stack is the content of the storehouse of the soul, there for an active mind to make useful .

It’s also merely a podcast. But then, the podcast is the long-form artistic medium of our time. And, as William H. Gass said, it is a sin not to live in your time.

Here, we want to rake our muckle a little higher: good ideas, those which are durable, beautiful, and useful–in whatever field–will have their day and, in having their day will, we hope, lend themselves to decades. We will talk about technology we love, which is beautiful and useful: we’ll discuss Urbit, we’ll discuss the future of the blockchain. We will talk of finance and of property and of how they should be used. We’ll talk of history and of the future. We’ll talk of architecture and art and religion. We’ll discuss the books that a man should read who wants communion with his ancestors and of the ideas of his day.

In short, we’re building The Stack. It’s our great pleasure that you can add to yours simply by letting us pour into the porches of your ears. Welcome.