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Quantum Mars Theory with Dr. Jonathan Paprocki

This week we’re joined by Dr. Jonathan Paprocki (otherwise known as ~datnut-pollen on Urbit, or as poprox) , who works on infrastructure at Tlon developing Urbit’s kernel and making preparations to deal with the coming ‘quantum apocalypse’: the day when quantum computers will ultimately be able to break the cryptography underlying blockchain technology and encrypted communications.

We venture into the question of how far along quantum computing is and who are the forerunners, and Dr. Paprocki gives us a crash course in topological quantum computing.

We also discuss with him his views on how Urbit might evolve to encompass previously unconsidered forms of anarchic or communistic governance via Urbit’s unique and still-developing network.

Dr. Paprocki completed his PhD at Georgia Tech studying quantum topology and topological quantum computing. His academic interests include mathematical physics, quantum computing, distributed systems, qualia computing, biomimicry, regenerative agriculture, categorical informatics, cybernetics, complex adaptive systems, and philosophy of physics and mathematics.

Read more of his old writings on quantum, distributed, and qualia computing at The Advancedness Project.

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