Episode 8: Dalten Collective with ~sicdev & ~rabsef

The Show:

This week we talk to ~sicdev-pilnup and ~rabsef-bicrym. ~sicdev and ~rabsef met through Urbit and, with other friends, formed Dalten Collective, an organization dedicated to the ideals of Fellowship, Sustainability, and Sovereignty. Listen as they explain how to use Urbit as a platform for bringing people together to enrich themselves through fraternal feeling and collective entrepreneurship.

About ~sicdev-pilnup:

“Holistic Technologist. I live part-time in the future. Dalten Collective. Urbit. Tlon. MetaCartel Ventures. MakerDAO. Rchain Cooperative. Aragon. CoinFund.”

Books ~sicdev has enjoyed this year

About ~rabsef-bicrym:

“Apprentice Conspiracy Theorist and Paranoiac – Wage Cuck with aspirations to independence”

~rabsef’s favorite books:

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