Episode 6: Once More Unto the Breach with Jonathan Pritchard

Our Guest

We know Jonathan Pritchard (~minder-folden) from Urbit. Having seen him active all over the network, from running his own forum to participating in just about every other one, we got to know him as an Urbit evangelist and early adopter who’s been through a legendary number of network breaches with his server.

Through becoming friends with Jonathan, we learned he is as energetic in the rest of life as he is on Urbit.

Jonathan is a professional mentalist. He uses that talent to approach an array of challenges, including running multiple businesses, authoring several books on mentalism and magic, learning Chinese and Wing Chun, and running a (much, much more) successful podcast Mind Reader University.

We talk about these things as well as his forays into crypto, NFT art, and more.

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Mind Reader University

On Urbit: ~minder-folden/antechamber

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David Moser’s Why Chinese is So Damn Hard

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