Episode 13: Martian Futurism with ~poldec-tonteg

The Show

This week we talk with Anthony Arroyo (~poldec-tonteg), CPO at Tlon, about his introduction to Urbit, and what the environment was like back in 2015 when he started.

We discuss Anthony’s background as a student of English Literature and Josh puts in a plug for linear annotations.

Then we get into Futurism, and how its proponents, such as Marinetti, saw the creation of a new kind of man as essential to creating an ideal technology. What is technology, anyway? And what are the design aesthetics that drive decisions at Tlon?

We discuss some of the programs Anthony is quarterbacking at Tlon and then Anthony gives us a very firm date about when he will fight Vitalik Buterin to the death and solve all of our Ethereum gas fees.

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